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Cam belongs to Luster. Please don't use her without permission.

I'm sorry but I fell in love tonight. I didn't mean to fall in love tonight.
You're looking like you fell in love tonight. Could we pretend that we're in love?

Camille Murphy
Background Information
Creator Luster
Main Attribute Shy, funny, cynical
Elemental Attribute Chlorine
Theme Animal Perch
Theme Color Dull olive green
Theme Song Is There Somewhere - Halsey
MBTI Personality
Character Information
Age 21 (human)
Gender Bigender: demigirl/agender (biologically female). Prefers they/them or she/her pronouns
Orientation Panromantic asexual
Occupation Reporter for Scales magazine and the local newspapers
Tribe SeaWing
Goal To make a living, "to show everyone that marriage is unnecessary and frivolous"
Residence Apartment in New Bridgeport
Relatives Parents and a younger sister
Allies Some of her co-workers
Enemies Her boss
Powers and abilities Average SeaWing abilities
Weapons Her wit
Ships  :3c
Quote "Love is patient, love is kind, love means slowly losing your mind."

Need a sappy love story, or some newspaper article about a romantic wedding and their saccharine tale of Love at First Sight? Then Cam is your reporter. She specializes in the Commitments section of the newspapers, or cheesy stories in the Scales magazine.

"No, I don't hate you; I just hate the fact that you always have your snout in the air. But if you identify as "the dragon with their snout in the air", then yes, I hate you."

While she gives the impression of an optimistic dreamer with a huge heart, she is actually very much the opposite; cynical and sarcastic, she's the last dragon you would expect to write stories about two dragons being bound together by love. To her, marriage is "the last legal form of slavery."

You were dancing in your tube socks in our hotel room
Flashing those eyes like highway signs


"I wouldn't say it's...awful....I would use the word...unique?"


Light one up and hand it over, rest your head upon my shoulder
I just wanna feel your lips against my skin


"Oh no, I would love to hear your enchanting tale of how you ran into your old elementary teacher at the supermarket;especially after you interrupted me. Please, do carry on."


White sheets, bright lights, crooked teeth, and the night life
You told me this is right where it begins


"Just your average tale of how someone queer and unpopular becomes so much more successful than all the losers who teased them; nothing special."


But your lips hang heavy underneath me
And I promised myself I wouldn't let you complete me


"Oh my! I'm so sorry! I have this thing that makes me cough uncontrollably when someone incorrectly tries to point out one of my flaws."


I'm trying not to let it show, that I don't want to let this go
Is there somewhere you can meet me?


"Some dragons just don't understand my humor....sadly their numbers are rising."


'Cause I clutched your arms like stairway railings
And you clutched my brain and eased my ailing


"I've never seen, thought, or heard of him; now please, gET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"


I'm sorry but I fell in love tonight
I didn't mean to fall in love tonight


"I don't draw; I'm also really not-photogenic. I usually end up looking like one of the covers for The Enquirer."


Could we pretend that we're in love?

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