Calico Longshot
IMG 0660
Background Information
Creator Kittyluvver
Main Attribute Determination
Elemental Attribute Gold dust
Theme Animal Mustang
Theme Color Red, blue plaid, brown leather
Theme Song "Roundtable Rival" by Lindsey Stirling
MBTI Personality
Character Information
Age 15
Gender Female
Occupation Former mail courier, current sheriff of the town of Black Mesa
Tribe SandWing
Residence Cowtown of Tortilla Flat
Relatives Older brother Flash
Enemies Outlaw leader Arizona, the "Black Viper"
Likes Tortillas and whiskey, preferably together, preferably in large quantities
Powers and abilities Typical SandWing abilities
Weapons Shotgun, twin pistols
Ships ...
Quote "So, pardner, what brings you out to our dusty little middle-of-nowhere?"

This OC belongs to Kittyluvver.

Better coding coming soon!

Calico is a female SandWing, current resident and sheriff of the small cowtown of Tortilla Flat, deep in the wilds of the western SandWing kingdom. 





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