This dragon is owned by you use her without my permission unless of course its something to do with grammar

Background Information
Creator Tuckatk
Nicknames None right now...
Main Attribute Introvert
Elemental Attribute Gloomy
Theme Animal Dragon or Human (Whatever...)
Favorite Color(s) She does not care...
Character Information
Age 9
Gender Female
Occupation Hiding
Tribe Rainwing
Goal To get used to dragons...
Residence She lives alone
Close friends None
Likes Being Alone
Dislikes Large Groups, Dragons getting is her Personal Space, and Meat
Weapon Her Claws (Of Course)
Ships Don't even try...
Quote "go away."

Calabash is an anti-social RainWing (basically an Anti-RainWing) who prefers solitude to the company of other dragons..... and sloths. She woke up alone in the middle of the Rainforest, and has lived alone in that general area ever since. She does not remember having any parents or siblings and how she could have gotten out here.


(Will do that later so look at the picture for now :P)


There really isn't a lot of history about her other than the fact that she lived alone in the rainforest her entire life without any problems whatsoever. She never went to school so she taught herself as time progressed.


As you know already she does not like to talk nor be around other dragons whatsoever. She really does not know why but she thinks it just thinks its just a waste of breath. Usually when she has to talk to a dragon, she likes it to be quick and over with. If you wish to keep talking then you will find out about her annoyed/irritating side. Instead of talking most of the time, she usually likes to project her thoughts about what is happening to calm herself down.


She does not have any special abilities but was born without a venom sac. This makes her unable to spit any acid at any foes that comes her way. For some reason, because of that, she has a stronger resistance to any acid for a small frame of time.


She does not have any relationships 'right now'...

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