I guess this will be pretty short.

This page is for all of my ideas for tribes. I'll just be dumping ideas here, then putting polls up when I've done quite a bit with them. I then will make blog posts for them back on the fanon where other wiki peeps can see themmmmmmm.

First up, the NeonWings.

This was actually my brother's idea, but I'm stealing it because he only made the name and basic appearance...WIPWIPWIPWIPWIPWIP


  • small
  • no breath weapon
  • small wings with large elbow membrane for gliding and flying through tight spaces
  • very very bright scales. Underscales usually are a good contrast to the main scales
  • straight horns
  • small ridge of double spikes (Toothless from HTTYD2) for maneuverability
  • very sharp curved claws for gripping rock (wing claw too!)
  • shortish tail with fan of spikes (IceWing-like) on ONE side only
  • semi-shiny to shiny scales
  • pretty bad with flying
  • can see three-quarters of what SeaWings see in the dark
  • animus NeonWings are super super rare
  • livingdead are NeonWings that are really creepy (see blog post on fanonoooo!)>
  • have really strange government
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  • small
  • no breath weapon
  • medium wings with small elbow membrane
  • dull or shiny scales from light gray to brown
  • serrated horns like keys
  • ridge is made of long, thin spikes
  • straightish claws
  • keyhole shaped nostril
  • key horns are all unique to the dragon
  • live on a small island off the coast of the SandWing kingdom
  • scales usually shiny
  • not really good fliers or fighters
  • usually smart
  • have some really good thieves
  • identify each other partially by how their horns are shaped
  • pretty scrawny
  • large eyes for seeing in the dark


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  • quite thin, not really muscular
  • rely on smarts and acrobatics to fight
  • short, blunt claws
  • no breath weapon
  • long body
  • very long frill on their tail end, back, and head
  • curved horns
  • long, but rounded snout
  • very elegant
  • tail often swept around their legs when sitting, curled up slightly when walking
  • usually bright eyes
  • can see almost totally in the dark
  • avoid fighting most of the time

Reference-ish thing...

BaymaxWing 1
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