A Poem by Kittyluvver, made for Luster the RainWing's Gavia

(Rough Draft)


On a Monday, I crumpled myself up like a sketch on a page

folded my skeleton, snapped vertebrae and bone

watched as blood and ragged black pencil lead smeared

across my skin. I broke my wings (gently, of course)

and I threw myself away, over the precipice beyond

I died but there was no death to break my fall.


On a Tuesday, I fell in love with  i n s a n i t y.

We danced across a tiled hospital floor, laced

our hearts together with IVs, sutures, feeding tubes,

she caressed my wings with her scalpel claws,

carved beauty into the puckered scars on my face,

we kissed and her lips were morphine, I drank her,

breathed her, clutched at her with life's silent hunger

for I was drowning and she held oxygen under her tongue


(do you wanna know a secret?)

I love her,           (I forgot the difference

I love her,            between drug and memory a long time ago,

I love her,            and I love it)

for she is the city of my dreams

she is my world

my truth
my paradise

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