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Read at your own risk. This fan fiction involves some content that may be unsuitable for wikians under the age of 15. Nothing incredibly explicit, but probably in need of a warning. Sorry for any inconvenience.


To give you a general standing on what's going on, the speaker in the story is a female seawing named Sydney, and she's talking to a female skywing named Eyrie. They've been best friends since they were little, and now they're in high school. So much is changing now, and Sydney is finding it hard to juggle her school life, social life, and personal life.

This takes place during the timespan when cordovan and viceroy were in high school, and takes place in a modern-age pyrrhia.

This story is optimized for a computer, and hovering over Sydney's text will help you better understand her thought processes.

a moment's notice

by luster.

also thanks to zod for helping me out with coding.

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Fri, Mar 24 4:34 PM



are you doing anything tonight?

Yeah im going out with my boyfriend.

oh ok

Monday, Mar 27 3:21 PM

Did you do the math homework yet?


can you help me with #4???

im not sure how to continue after the first step

it's x=1,-1,5,3+2i, 3-2i

oh ok. Thanks


Wednesday, Mar 28 5:03 PM

Are you home yet?

yeah why?

I was going to go shopping and wanted to see if you wanted to come

no thanks im busy tonight

ok. maybe another time???

yeah maybe


Thursday, Mar 29 9:48 PM

can I ask you a random question??


whats your favorite color?


alright thanks


English project.

Friday, Mar 30 2:17 PM


oh hey what's up?

Whats the answer to #17 on the math homework?

Its prime, you cant factor it any more.

k thanks

no problem. I can always help.

Friday, Mar 30 4:03 PM

hey are you okay?

I heard something happened between you and circuit…

no we're fine.

oh ok

who told you something happened???

Viceroy I think.

k thanks

Saturday, Mar 31 11:52 PM

hey I think I see you

im in my bedroom...

where are you??

circuits house

youre at the party?

yeah its really fun you should come

I have to do homework

who cares about homework its a party its fun

are you drunk?

I only had a few shots

is everyone there drunk?

maybe idk

very helpful. should I some pickyou up?

no ill drive myself home

don't drive drunk

why not

youre really wasted jfc

Sunday, April 1 2:49 AM

an you pick me up now I threw up everywhere and im really embarrassed

yeah ill be there asap

thanks syd

no problem

Sunday, April 1 11:18 AM

sorry about last night

its okay. Im just glad you didnt drive yourself home

thanks again for picking me up

Tuesday, April 3 3:01 PM

how long are you gonna be out of school?

till this hangover wears off

so like till the end of the week??

yeah probably

I can get your missed work from your classes

I already have viv getting it

oh ok

hope you feel better

Friday, April 6 6:34 PM



are you doing anything tonight?

yeah sorry

its ok

Sunday, April 8 11:54 PM

how long is your English essay

4 pages plus a works cited

mines only 2

make it double spaced

it is

make the punctuation 14 points

ok thanks

no problem

Wednesday, April 11 1:14 AM

test came back negitive

thank the moons

my mom would've killed me if she found out


oops sorry wrong number

oh ok

Friday, April 13 3:44 PM

hey are you ok? you haven't been in school for the past few days

Friday, April 13 7:52 PM

yeah im fine

oh ok just checking

Tuesday, April 17 4:21 PM

Hey I got my new car!!! wanna go for a ride?

cant sorry. im at circuits

oh ok. maybe another time?


Thursday, April 19 10:58 PM


hey what's up?

hey do you have cordovan's number?

no, why?

Friday, April 20 1:07 AM

I think she started something

oh ok

don't do anything stupid

I won't

Sunday, April 22 2:25 AM

hey can you pick me up?

yeah where are you?


ok ill be there asap


Tuesday, April 24 1:01 PM

hey are you ok? you left school early today

Tuesday, April 24 6:39 PM

syd you can't tell anyone ok?

I promise I wont tell anyone

I think im pregnant

when did it happen? are you ok? did you take the test???

Saturday night

the test said positive

did you take those pill things?

yeah im gonna see a doctor tomorrow to see ifthey worked

ok good

don't tell anyone please

im scared of what everyone will think of me

don't worry, I wont say anything


no problem

Wednesday, April 25 10:26 PM

they worked

yes!! that's so great

yeah im so glad. thanks for being here for me

im always here for you

thanks syd

this is why youre my best friend

its just what friends do

Sunday, April 29 5:32 PM

hey what's #6 on the math homework

x=4+3i, 4-3i

k thanks

Wednesday, May 2 9:55 PM

hey can we talk

yeah im all ears. whats up?

I broke up with circuit

aww what happened?

we had a fight and hes been dating cordovan

what a loser. good for you for dumping him

idk I thought he was the one

no one is ever the one

I know but still

im sorry. youll be much better off without him though

yeah but I mean I thought he was better. He was so nice when he talked to me and we had so much fun

I was pregnant with his dragonets, but thankfully I took care of that that wouldve been awful.

I just dont know, I think I miss him

that makes sense. its okay, but I think you'll be much better without a scumbag like him.

yeah maybe

yeah definitely. Youre super great and if he didnt realize and respect that then he's a total tool.

yeah. I gtg now


Saturday, May 5 10:14 PM

hey wanna come to my house? im having aa party

sure, ill be right over

don't tell your parents tho

why would I?

idk just dont

alright, see ya in a sec

Sunday, May 6 7:56 PM

hey um sorry if this is really awkward to ask but…. Is anything between us gonna change?

what do you mean?

Well I mean...last night we….

oh, no

it was just a kiss

we were both drunk anyways


sorry about that by the way, idk what I was thinking

its fine, it was just a kiss

yeah, just a kiss.

Thursday, May 10 11:59 PM

hey wanna do something really fun? it dangerous?

or illegal?

no and kinda no

kinda no?

well its only illegal if you get caught

oh yeah this sounds like a great idea

but really what are you planning?

Well circuit is graduating tomorrow, so I thought it would be fun to get a little revenge.

first we'll need to go to the warehouse store, cause I need to buy some things

what kind of things?

Plastic wrap, packing peanuts, spray paint, and a wrench.

wtf are you planning

are you coming or not

il be over in a few minutes

Sunday, May 13 1:11 PM

hey im going on vacation for a few weeks

can you get my work from school while im gone?

yeah. where are you going?

seacrest city

oh awesome! Have fun!

Ill try :)

Saturday, May 26 9:45 AM

Hey! How was your trip?

I have your work for you for whenever you wanna come pick it up

or I can drop it off


it was really great actually!

there were a bunch of cute dragons and a bunch of little shops

souds like a ton of fun!

was it warm there?

yeah much nicer than it is here


there was an awesome beach too


wow! wish I could've gone...

Yeah, wish you were there

next time you go ill hide in your suitcase

haha yeah

Thursday, May 31 7:09 PM

hey wanna come over my house

is it like a party or something?

no we can just sit and talk or something

viv might be coming over too

oh ok sure

ill be right over

just gimme a second to get dressed and stuff

yeah don't show up naked ;)

haha I won't


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