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• 10/28/2018

Regarding Free Formats

As a general rule, please refrain from editing Free Format pages that do not belong to you. If you find an error or content that you'd like fixed, please contact the owner of the free format, or in lieu of an active owner (such as Eclipse or Kelpie-wings) please contact me.

Don't edit a page to remove blank lines (those are there for a reason!) and please, please don't edit the page when you're copying a format off for your use. Either close the tab or leave the page without publishing changes.


## Free Formats changes coming into effect soon:

I plan on a mass edit of free formats owned by inactive users (see below for a list) in the future (say, by Jan/Feb) bringing them up to modern standards and removing unused/obsolete code. If you have any questions relating to the process, feel free to message me on my wall or leave a reply down below.

I'm considering condensing FF (Free Formats) pages that have between 1 and 3 formats into a single page ("Free Formats/General" or perhaps "Free Formats/Unsorted") to keep clutter to a minimum.

*edit: per Sleepy's suggestion below, only pages with 1-2 FFs would be merged should I follow through with this.*

The page format would be something like this:

Table of contents

## Username 1

### Format 1

### Format 2

## Username 2

### Format 1

### Format 2


If you suspect your free format may be using obsolete/deprecated code and want me to take a look, link the page below and I'll add it to my list.


## Other Stuff

How do you feel about me highlighting posts? I've been doing it to provide greater visibility to my posts regarding News/Announcements since I imagine very few people actively check for new discussions, but I understand it can be fairly annoying.

**FF Pages that need to be cleaned up, in order of how much work I expect the individual page to require.**

* Free Formats/Dannie Domini

* Free Formats/.oOEclipseOo.

* Free Formats/Wisps and Spirals

* Free Formats/BrisingrWolf the SkyWing

* Free Formats/Kelpie-wings

Should the smaller FF pages be merged?
  • No (please give a reason in the comments below)
  • If yes, the page should be called Free Formats/General
  • If yes, the page should be called Free Formats/Unsorted
  • Yes, but I don't like those name options (provide a name below)
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• 9/25/2018

hahaha we can post links

double click yer text and paste a link and presto, you've got an actual link instead of a freaking massive url

Poll bc I can
  • Yay
  • Nay
  • Neigh
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• 8/29/2018

Extra fonts removal

This has been on my agenda for some time, and on Heliosanctus's for even longer, just finally getting things done. The list of installed fonts is at https://heliosanctus.wikia.com/wiki/Fonts but I'll be taking that down tomorrow or the 6th of september, depending on timing.

After conferring with Helio (well, he already knew what he wanted done, I just wanted to confirm the plan) he's made clear that we're going to remove all the fonts imported from google, and hosted here on this wiki with the exception of Adelon Book, which the fanon wiki uses.

For some time already there hasn't been a link to the fonts in the navbar up top, even after I updated the page to talk more about the fonts and to look nicer (which tbh wasn't very well done and I made several mistakes, especially on the Fanon table), and now it's going so that doesn't really matter.

After the fonts are removed the all the fonts on the page will be some serif font, probably Times New Roman for most of you. If you're looking to do custom fonts on the Fanon wiki I encourage you to go to my reference page (https://wingsoffirefanon.wikia.com/wiki/User:Forge_the_Hybrid/Help:Coding_Reference#Fonts_and_Text) and take a look at the fonts section. I can do support on a message wall or in the comments below either works.

I'm pretty bad at writing things like this aren't I? Probably doesn't help that it's 11 PM currently.
Fonts Heliosanctus's Testing Wiki
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• 7/27/2018

I need some help...

I would like to add an image as a background, and then put more backgrounds on top as layers (slightly transparent) is somebody able to help me with the code?
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• 6/20/2018

sample roleplay title

The dragonets of destiny need the help of their fakes. Each user can play one dragonet.



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• 3/6/2018


Polls are in the works for discussions!


Hopefully we get them soon.

Edit: now we do!
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  • Option 2
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• 2/3/2018

Cleaning up Wikia.css

Since I'm curenntly all about updating this wiki, I was taking a look at our MediaWiki:Wikia.css file, and I was wondering if anyone (aka my fellow admins) had any opinions on what stayed and what left.

I edited out the apparently unused bits, visible here.

If you'd like to take a look at *just* the proposed changes, and not the proposed changes alongside the current file, go here: https://gitlab.com/Wychmire/Examples/blob/master/Wikia/HelioWiki:(NEW)%20wikia.css

I got rid of css for the ribbon navbar, custom bullets, custom edit pencil, modules, infobox classes, and user tags.

As far as I could tell, none of that was in use. I wouldn't mind being corrected, and/or more opinions on removal of this apparently obsolete code.
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• 2/3/2018

Discussions is live on the wiki!

Helio and I have decided to enable discussions on this wiki, to test it out before it replaces forums forever.

I've made categories similar to those on the forum, and you should assign your post the the proper one.

I'd like a few posts by other people, to see how they look.

FANDOM staff said they were working a form of highlighting post, we'll have to see how that turns out.

Known problems:
* No bold/italic buttons
* No wiki links (normal links will still work)
* No HTML support
* No Highlighting posts

(If you're looking for the forums, it's under the Explore tab, at the bottom. Note that you will no longer get notifs for posts there.)
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